Ghost of Fairbank

Hi Ike,
This picture was taken on March 31, at the reopening of the Old Fairbank
Schoolhouse. Look up above the front doors. It was a nice celebration and I
think the spirits came out to celebrate too.


Theresa -

First, it's great to see the few remaining buildings in the small ghost town of Fairbank Arizona restored. Fairbank is about 10 miles north west of Tombstone. Yes, that is a very strong Orb on the vent above the double doors. Their also appears to be a rather interesting light ray that appears to be coming from near the roof top. This ray is very similar to rays we've seen in the past in Boothill Graveyard and the Crystal Palace Saloon in Tombstone. Maybe this is the first of more activity to come in Fairbank? When you visit Fairbank don't miss the cemetery up on the hill, it's a little bit of a walk but very interesting.

Thanks for sharing your photo with us, Ghosts of Tombstone

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