Creppy Guy

This is a picture of the lower level Bird Cage Theatre just prior to the gift shop. The picture was taken on
Aug 8th 2004, at approximately 4:30 PM .

Look in the mirror middle below reflection of second wife calls this "creepy guy face".

Also, in far left, there is a figure in some kind of costume or robe....similar to other ghost
pictures of bird cage you have posted.

John Mariella
San Diego, CA

After investigating your photo, we were able to see more than one face!. We see what your
wife calls "Creppy Face" on the left side of the cropped photo above. Now look to the right side
and you'll see what appears to be another face, two eyes and a nose are pretty clear to see.
We were not able to pick out the figure in the far left side of the photo, but that's not to say others won't!
Thanks for sharing your photo with us, Ghosts of Tombstone

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