Courthouse Ghost

Ike:  -
I took this in '02 at the courthouse.  I had a really bad vibe, and just snapped this pic, see the shadows ?  I have another frame I took later the wall is white.  If you look on the document to the left you can see a face (zoom in on it) with a beard and you see others around all those shadows.  I had to leave the area because of the feelings I was having.  We were married
in Tombstone and spent the night at VIctorias bed n breakfast.  (Nellie Cash sold place) We were the only people in the house, Victoria slept over the garage.  I was awakened around 3:00 am to a blood curdling scream from within the house, and sounds around us.  No I did not go see what made the sound, I simply covered my head and pretended not to hear the sounds.
Victoria told me the next morning that she heard things in the kitchen all the time.  We were in the front room right beside the kitchen.  Not only there but in the Birdcage, I felt a presence and have pictures of the stage with shadows at the piano and around the room.  Tombstone is definitely haunted, however, the only time I have been really afraid was here at the courthouse.

Tonie Batson
Mesa , Az

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