Ghost of Mrs. Clum


This photo was taken a few years ago when I visited Tombstone with my boyfriend at the time. We were
checking out the different gravestones when for some reason I had a very strong urge to take a photo of
this stone in particular that belongs to Mrs Clum. I wasn't expecting to see this white mist around the
stone after the picture was developed!

I had taken several other pictures as well and this is the only one that turned out like this. Think this spirit was posing for a picture? What do you guys think?

    Thanks, Carrie

Carrie -

Your photo of the mist over Mrs. Clum's grave is very similar to some of the other photos we have posted within the Ghosts of Tombstone web site.  Most photos like this simply get over looked, but yes indeed we feel you have captured  more paranormal activity in Boot Hill.  When it's the only photo on the camera like this it certainly makes you wonder, we know the feeling. Mrs. Clum was John Clum's wife.  John was the Mayor of Tombstone in the 1880's.

Thanks for sharing your photo with us, Ghosts of Tombstone

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