Ghost of Morgan Earp?


I thought that I'd send you a picture that was taken in Tombstone last December.  My husband and I were on a ghost tour one night and we walked past Campbell and Hatch and decided to take a photo through the windows.  Well this is what we ended up with.  This is an enlarged version of the picture, the original is smaller and I can send that to you too if you're interested.  It took me a while to see the features but basically if you start from the top of the grey blob, it looks like a guy with medium length hair in a center parting, there are clearly two eyes, a small nose, the mouth is open and smiling, he has a moustache, looks like he has a pipe hanging frm the corner of his mouth and has a dicky bow on.  The rest is just a blob.

All the best,


Elena -

Thanks for sharing your photo with us. We can see all kinds of faces within what you call the blob! The face we highlighted in blue is spooky. The face that we highlighted below in yellow is the clearest face we see, it looks like a little boy.  The face we highlighted in red appears to have a mustache like the Earps use to wear! Campbell & Hatch was a Saloon and billiard parlor in the 1880's. Could this be the ghost of Morgan Earp who was killed in Campbell & Hatch Saloon in 1882?

Comment from email:

Mr Clanton,
I am unsure if you received my last e mail with reference to the photo of the ghost of morgan earp.I can clearly see the figure of a female dressed in period clothing, white pinafore and black cloak. I have asked others on the site if they can see this but to date have had no reply.  I would be interested if you can see what I can , if you cant , let me know and I will send you a more detailed e mail. Great site.

Regards, Dean Franklin, Windsor England

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