Enclosed is a photo I took of my parents at the backside of the OK Corral on Saturday Dec 1, 2000 at approximately 2PM. What originally started out as an innocent photo moment has since stirred many debates among my friends who have seen this. The 'cloud' between my parents simply doesn't make sense because if you look at the top, one can easily see that it was overcast that afternoon which would not cause any glare from the sun (as the sun would have been on the west side of the wall anyway) . Secondly since I am not perpendicular to the sign, it would not produce that kind of reflection from any camera flash and thirdly the sign is an old, faded, wooden one which again would not produce any reflection. Another weird thing is that if you look closely at the top of the 'cloud', one can see the outline of a cowboy hat - located on the last 'N' & the 'F' in the phrase 'Clanton Factions'; Also on the next line on the 'B & the 'R' in the word 'October', one can easily make out two formations that resemble two eyes (you might have to slightly cross your eyes to see it). Could this be a photogenic Billy Clanton?

You can draw your own opinion as the photo was obviously NOT altered.

 Thanks, Randy Brock

Randy -

Thanks for sharing this photo with us. Yes, I am familiar with this sign,  I stood in front of it on many occasions,  including during the filming of "Showtime at the OK Corral" that aired on Showtime with the debut of the feature film Tombstone.  The background of this sign is a very flat brown finish, not exactly the type finish you would expect to see a reflection from, but by no means am I a photo expert.  And yes, I can see what looks like some sort of hat, I must say it was a bit easier to see before I reduced it in size to fit this web page, but I can still see it. It will be interesting to see what others think?

Thanks, Ike

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