Bird Cage Ghost

More interesting photos from the famous
Bird Cage Theatre in Tombstone Arizona.

My name is Debe Branning and I head up a paranormal investigation team in
Mesa, AZ called the MVD Ghostchasers.
This photo was taken on 5-6-2000 in the Birdcage Theatre.
Looks like someone was still performing on stage!! Note the large orb!!

Debe - Thank You for e-mailing the photos, I can clearly see what
appears to be an orb, above the stairs.

This second photo was taken backstage.
We decided to call out the spirits....and told them if anyone wanted their
picture taken in the "Black Miriah Hearse"  to just climb in and wave to the

The joke was on us when we saw this smiley faced orb looking thru the window!!

Debe Brannning
MVD Ghostchasers of Mesa

We had to re-size the photo to make it fit the page, making
it more difficult to see on the second photo. I know where it's
at, so I can see the very faint smiley faced orb (or whatever it is)
in the middle of the window of the hearse, almost at the top.
Look close, do you see it?

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