Tombstone Ghost Photo & Story


Dear Ike,

My wife and I feel compelled to write to you to share our experience with you and our picture.  On April 29,2000 a group of us came down to Tombstone for the weekend on our Harleys.  We checked into our hotel and made our way down to Big Nose Kates.  We stayed there most of the evening drinking and talking.  We had brought two of the big tables together in the back near the bar.

My wife and I started to take some pictures of all of the couples around our table.  None of the pictures taken of the other couples showed anything out of the ordinary except for the picture of my wife and I.  We were sitting with our backs to the bar and our friend snapped a picture of us.  In the picture you can see a large bright white bubble like image above my left shoulder.  If you zoom in you can see numerous smaller bubbles around the table in front of my shirt, on my left arm, and just to the right of my left shoulder.  Our camera is a digital camera, so there was no film developing process involved with this picture and no alterations were made.  All of the picture that were taken before and after this shot with the same camera showed no such bubbles, so there was nothing on the lens to produce it and there was no sunlight to produce a reflection and nothing in the background to produce a reflection from the flash.

At the time we took the pictures we did not see anything or feel anything unusual and did not view the pictures until later the next week.

After we got back to our home in Tempe, some strange things started to happen.   That night my wife and I had just gone to bed and I was rubbing her back after our long ride back.  The kids were in bed and asleep, when I heard a moaning voice.  I got up to see what was going on, thinking one of my boys was talking in his sleep but he wasn't.  I started to feel chills going through my body and I searched the house.

As I came back into my bedroom and go into bed with my wife we both just sat there looking out into the dark room.  My wife asked me where I was looking and I said up and to the right, she said that's where I'm looking.  Right then we both started to feel chills run from the top of our heads all the way to our knees.  That wouldn't be so strange but they kept coming in waves and we started to feel them at the exact same time for the next ten minutes or so.

We never saw anything but just felt something there.  We never associated it with the picture because we didn't know about it yet.  Needless to say we didn't sleep well that night.

Later that week my wife got on the computer to download the picture from our trip, and that's when she saw the picture of us.  We didn't know that Big Nose Kates was haunted until after we saw the picture and then my wife found your web site.  We think some of those spirits followed us home and that's what we were feeling.

Anyway, I wanted to share that story with you and show you the picture. You are more than welcome to put it on your web site, just let us know so we can be sure to see it.

Please respond to this email with you comments, opinions or just to let us know you got it.

Greg & Suzanne Bond

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