"I wrote the following short note and poem for a terminally ill cowboy who requested a special cowboy poem that could be read at his funeral.  I never met the man, I don't even know his name"   Terry Ike Clanton

6-15-00  - Dear Sir - I have never met you, however you're my friend.  Fer all cowboys stick together till the final end.  I wasn't able to find the poem you were looking for, so at your friend Melinda's request, I have written a special poem about you, your horse, and him.  Wishing you God speed pard... Terry Ike Clanton

By Terry Ike Clanton   6-15-00  copyright 2000

Let me tell you folks
Who have gathered here today
That I'm a proud and thankful cowboy
Who has just passed away

I know it's hard
But, please don't cry
Fer I'm now ridin' Gods trails
High up in the sky

The hoss I'm ridin' now
Don't spook, buck or kick
Fer God stables perfect horses
And now I have my pick

Lord, please forgive me of all my sins
Fer I haven't been perfect
But I know that he who believes in You
Forever wins!

I have lived a good life
A cowboys dream come true
Thank You Lord,
Fer I'm now ready to ride into eternity
Me, my horse, and You.


October 2, 2001

Howdy Ya'll -

"I would like to send out a Special Thanks to everyone that has requested the personal non-commercial use of  my poem "A Cowboys Last Request."   I had no idea how much of an impact it would have to everyone, I feel very honored that it has touched so many people throughout the world.

Thank You, Terry Ike Clanton

For personal non-commercial use of "A Cowboy Last Request" By Terry Ike Clanton, please read below

If you would like to read this poem at a funeral, print it in a funeral program, engrave it on a gravestone, or any other non-commercial use,  please include... Poem written by Terry Ike Clanton.  We would also appreciate if you would send us a program, a photo of the gravestone, etc. for our files, Thank you.  Please send to the address below.

Clanton Ranch
12902 E. Park Street
Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670


The poem is beautiful.  I appreciate it so much.  I'll see he hears the poem.  He is progressively worse and I'm afraid he may not have more than a few days.

You cannot believe the response I have had.  No one found the specific poem, but everyone has bent over backwards to come through on this deal.

Isn't it wonderful the ties and close knit camaraderie that ranching and cowboy people have?  We are so blessed.

Thanks, Melinda

Keep in touch and I'll keep you posted.

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