Film Festival Symposium Panel 2001
Left to right: actor Marty Kove, actor Bruce Boxlitener, founder of Old Tucson Robert Shelton, college professor Dr. Jack Ziegler, actor Terry Ike Clanton, Tombstone historian Ben T. Traywick, co-moderator Boyd Mauger, actor Hugh O'Brien, college professor Dr. Caren J. Deming, actor Harry Carey Jr., director Rob Word, moderator Hollis Cook.

Hugh O'Brien and Terry Ike Clanton

Harry Carey Jr. & Terry Ike Clanton

Bruce Boxleitner & Terry Ike Clanton

Terry Ike Clanton & John Mitchum

Earl Bellamy & Terry Ike Clanton. Mr. Bellamy directed
over 1500 television shows in his career.

Tombstone Marshal Paul Kostellic presents Terry Ike Clanton
with an Honorary Tombstone Marshal badge & certificate

July 31, 2001

Howdy Gang -

It's been a while since I've been able to get on here, it's the busy time of year for me.

At the first annual Tombstone Western Film Festival in July, I was asked to be on a symposium panel about the Myths and reality of Wyatt Earp in movies. Also on the panel was Hugh O'Brien, Harry Carey Jr., Bruce Boxleitner, Marty Kove, Directors Earl Bellamy & Rob Word, Robert Shelton (founder of Old Tucson), Ben Traywick, two college teachers, and the gentlemen who runs the court house. The Tombstone gym was filled with about 400 people for this Sunday morning symposium.

The first question that was asked of me was, what I thought of the Wyatt Earp television series? My answer was... "I thought it was a great series for kids to learn morality in this country, Wyatt Earp was a hero and kids looked up to him. Something this country lacks today.

I'm not quite sure they were ready for my answer to the next question they asked me... What about the reality of the real Wyatt Earp? I told them he was a man who admitted to taking the law into his own hands and murdered the people he thought killed his brother Morgan, he was also a fugitive from justice on more than one occasion. "If I ever do this, please don't call me an American hero", I told the crowd.

I know I hit home with the truth as the gym was silent, the moderator went to Hugh O'Brien for his closing remarks. Mr. O'Brien turned towards me and said I have a couple remarks for Mr. Clanton. He went on to say that... one thing I could be proud of was the fact that many great actors have played the Clanton's over the years, and he was sorry if thier's still some hard feelings left over from all of this, "maybe Mr. Clanton and I can sit down and have a beer sometime." Then Mr. O'Brien (who had to leave early) got up and walked over behind where I was sitting, I got up and shook his hand, then he hugged me and said see ya later Clanton, before he walked off the stage. When it was all over, I could feel the support from everyone, including Mr. O'Brien, the man that portrayed Wyatt Earp for so many years on television. Bruce Boxleitner had a funny line after I told them about the real Wyatt Earp, "Marty, Rob, and the rest of you, when we get back to Hollywood we're going to have to start working of the life & Times of Ike Clanton, and (pointing to me) you're going to play Ike, said Boxleitner.

"Everyone knows the truth, it's just hard to swallow for some people," a man said to me after this event.

And yes, ya'll better behave yourselves, I'm now an Honorary Marshal of Tombstone! The current town Marshal made all of us on the panel "Honorary Marshals of Tombstone"   This honorary Marshal certificate and small badge will look pretty cool hanging on the wall of the Clanton Ranch, but I doubt it will get me out of a speeding ticket!

I have to tell ya'll a fun story about this weekend. When I was leaving town early on Monday morning I stopped at the Chevron gas station in Tombstone. Most of the time when I get gas, I simply slide my credit card through the pump, get the gas, then leave. However the car in front of me also getting gas was Hugh O'Brien! So after I pumped my gas, I got to talking with him about the weekend, he invited me to his birthday party next May in Beverly Hills, then we said our goodbyes. I got back in the car and started the drive back to southern California. I got just pass Phoenix when I suddenly realized I didn't pay for my gas in Tombstone! Man, that's an awful feeling, I called them up on my cell phone and told them I made a terrible mistake and accidently drove away without paying. She said she had a bill sitting there for $11.25, she said the attendant thought he reconized me, but he wasn't quite sure, she said she was going to wait before she called the police. I guess this is a pretty common accident. She cracked up when I told her that... they made a Clanton an honorary Marshal on Sunday, and Monday morning he was wanted in Tombstone!! After the feeling I got when I realized I drove off without paying, I know I wouldn't make a very good criminal, that's an awful feeling. The bill was paid, and all is well with the Clanton's in Tombstone!

A funny ending to a great weekend!

What an event! Jim Clark and Larry Jenson really did a GREAT job putting this event together. From the baskets filled with munchies in the rooms when we arrived to the final goodbye, it was one of the best weekends I've ever had in Tombstone, Thanks guys!

Terry Ike Clanton

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