The Legend Begins...


John Clanton was born about 1610 in London, Clandon Co. England.

His spouse has not yet been identified. ... they had one male child, Marmaduke Clanton was born about 1635.


John Clanton comes to America!

John arrived from England on a ship named Abraham landing in Virginia.

The family tree follows like this: John, Marmaduke, Edward, William, John, John and Henry. Henry Clanton was Newman Haynes "Old Man" Clantons father.


Newman Haynes Clanton was born in Davidson County, Tenn.

January 5, 1840

Newman Haynes Clanton marries Mariah Sexton Kelso in Callaway County Missouri. Together they would have five sons and two daughters.

July 18, 1841

Their first child John Wesley was born in Callaway County, Missouri.

December 1845

Their second son Phineas Fay Clanton was born in Callaway County, Missouri.


Their third son Joseph Isaac "IKE" Clanton was born in Callaway County, Missouri.


Newman Haynes "Old Man" Clanton leaves his wife and three sons for about a year to search for gold in California.


The Clanton family moves to Adams County, Illinois.

December 22, 1851

Newman and Mariahs first daughter Mary Elsie Clanton was born in Adams County, Illinois.


The Clanton family moves to Texas.

June 6, 1854

Their second daughter Ester Ann "Hettie" Clanton was born in Dallas, Texas.


Their fourth son Alonzo Peter Clanton was born in Dallas, Texas.

It is believed that Alonzo died shortly after birth.


Newman Haynes and his oldest John Wesley enlist in a company of confederate home guards ... after serving 58 days John deserted.


Newman and Mariahs fifth and final son William Harrison "Billy" was born in Hamilton County, Texas.


The wars ends and the Clanton family moves to Fort Bowie, Arizona Territory.


The Clanton family moves to San Buena Ventura, California.

Somewhere along the way Mariah Kelso Clanton dies leaving Newman with four boys and two daughters to care for.

January 14, 1869

John Wesley marries seventeen year old Nancy Rose Kelsy in Inyo County, California.

John who was a farmer, his wife Nancy and Phineas Fay were living in Lone Pine, California.

John and Nancy would later have six children.


Newman Haynes moves his family to what is known today as Port Hueneme, California.

Ike Clanton was listed as a day laborer at this time.

While living here Ike had a heated and threatening dispute over a land agreement.

March 1872

Both Newman Clantons daughters would get married in Santa Barbara, California.

Oldest daughter Mary Elsie married Andrew Jackson Slinkard.

They would go on to have five children.

Youngest daughter Ester Ann "Hettie" married August M. Smith on March 16, they would go on to have ten children!


Newman Haynes Clanton had a plan to start his own farming community, so he moved the entire family back to Arizona.

John Wesley and his wife came to Arizona, along with Phin , Ike, Billy, Mary Elsie, Ester Ann and their two husbands.

The family settled in Gila Valley near Camp Goodwin.

For four years the Clantons farmed land trying to show other settlers the place to live and farm was Clantonville!


The Clantons finally threw in the towel on Clantonville!

John Wesley moved his family back to California, while the rest of the family moved down on the San Pedro river, up the river from Charleston, Arizona.


The Clanton family builds a large adobe house in Lewis Springs, about five miles south of Charleston and would become the headquarters for the cowboys.


Prospector Edward Schieffelin discovers rich veins of silver in an area known as Goose Flats, about 12 miles north of Charleston.

Goose Flats would be soon become the boom town known today as Tombstone, Arizona.

Before Ed struck it rich, soldiers told him, "The only thing youíll find in then thar hills, is your own tombstone," as renegade Apache Indians roamed the area, so Ed named his first claim Tombstone in their honor.

December 12, 1878

A notice in the Arizona Weekly Star Newspaper read:

"Tombstone mill site is now the scene of activity.

Houses, shanties and jackals are going up rapidly and several families are now on the ground.

A restaurant has been opened by Mr. Ike Clanton."

The feud begins...

October 27, 1880

Tombstone Marshall Fred White is accidentally shot by William "Curly Bill" Brocius.

After the shooting Wyatt Earp pistol whipped "Curly Bill" to the ground and arrested him along with Pony Diehl, Frank Patterson, Tom & Frank McLaury and Billy Clanton.

This was the first real confrontation between the cowboys and the Earps.

November 26, 1880

Newman H. Clanton purchased a resident and saloon on two lots on the west side of Pioneer Street in the town of Charleston, Pima County, Arizona Territory.

He also purchased two lots on the east side of Pioneer Street during the same deal.

November 26, 1880

Ike Clanton and John Ringo filed a land location notice in Grant County, New Mexico.

The notice was for 320 acres of grazing and farming land in Animas Valley, about 28 miles north of Guadalupe Canyon.

The notice stated that the 320 acres would be called "Alfalfa or Cienega Ranch. Later this ranch was called San Simon Cienega and is often referred to as Joe Hills Ranch.

Murder on the stage...

 March 15, 1881

A robbery attempt takes place against the Kinnear & Co. Stage at Drew station.

Driver Bud Philpot and a passenger named Peter Roerig were murdered in the failed attempt.

A posse was quickly formed and that same night a man named Luther king was captured at a near by ranch and admitted his involvement.

He named his accomplices as Bill Leonard, Harry Head and Jim Crane.

After Luther King was arrested, he was brought to back to Tombstone, but quickly escaped into thin air.

By this time, the news was sweeping the town that Doc Holliday had been one of the robbers.

The Confession...

March 1881

March, a few days after Bud Philpot was killed, Ike Clanton ran into Doc Holliday in Tombstone.

When Holliday asked Ike if he had seen "Will" Leonard and his party, Ike told him he had.

Holliday then began describing in detail what took place when Philpot was killed.

Holliday knew that Ike had already heard Bill Leonardís version of the attack.

Doc told Ike that he shot Bud Philpot through the heart.

Before Holliday was finished with his description, Ike told him not to take him in confidence, that he didnít want to hear anymore about it.

Tempers begin to flare...

April 13, 1881

Doc Holliday is arrested in Tombstone.

The charges are for making threats against someone's life.

It sure seems Hollidays temper was starting to get the best of him over these murder accusations.

April 28, 1881

Newman H. "Old Man" Clanton purchased a parcel of land in the town of Charleston, Cochise County, Arizona Territory. Lot six in block (M) together with a house.

The said lot was 25 feet across the front, and 100 feet across the back, located on Stowe Street.

May 30, 1881

Doc Holliday is indicted by a grand jury for participating in a shooting affray.

It seems Doc was really losing himself over these murder accusation.

At this time, it was still only talk or rumors, nobody could prove Hollidays involvement.

Wyatt Earps Deal...

June 1, 1881

Ike Clanton met with Wyatt Earp in the Eagle Brewery Saloon.

Wyatt offers Ike $6000 in reward money to help him capture or kill the men involved in the attempted stage hold-up and murders.

Ike thinks about it, but declines a couple of days later.

June 23, 1881

The Arizona Daily Star of Tucson reports that Bill Leonard and Harry Head, two of the alleged stagecoach murderers have been killed in Eureka, N.M. by the Haslett brothers.

 Docís girl blows his cover...

Doc Hollidays live in girlfriend known as Big Nose Kate, signs an an affidavit implicating him in the stagecoach murders.

Arrested for murder...

July 5, 1881

a warrant was issued and Doc Holliday was arrested and charged with complicity in the murder of Bud Philpot and the attempted stage robbery near contention on March 15th. Wyatt Earp and a local Tombstone saloon keeper posted the $5000 bail.

July 7, 1881

Mary Elsie Clanton Slinkardís husband Andrew Slinkard dies in Springerville, Apache County, Arizona.

Doc gets away with murder...

July 10, 1881

On or around this date, Doc Hollidays murder hearing took place.

His alibi was that he had ridden to Charleston for a poker game, when the stagecoach murders took place.

His alibi must have been believed because he was acquitted and released.

Ike Clanton keeps the heat on...

After Doc Holliday gets away with murder, Ike Clanton begins his own search for justice!

Ike knows the truth about Hollidays involvement in the stagecoach murders and begins expressing his opinions publicly.

Plain and simple, this was making Doc Holliday mad and nervous.

August 1, 1881

A mule train of Mexicans carrying $4000 in coins and bullion was ambushed and killed in Skeleton Canyon.

Rumors have it, that several members of the notorious Clanton gang were involved in the killings.

August 13, 1881

Newman Haynes "Old Man" Clanton was gunned down in an ambush by Mexicans and killed in Guadalupe Canyon, Animas valley, New Mexico.

Also killed was William Lang, Dixie Lee Gray, Charley Snow and Jim Crane.

Billey Byers and Harry Ernshaw both survived the attack.

Was this ambush revenge for the murders of the Mexicans 12 days prior in Skeleton Canyon?

Jim Crane was the last surviving man accused of the stagecoach murders. Important!!

This means their were no more accomplices that could testify against Doc Holliday!!

 Doc threatens Ike...

October 26, 1881

At round 1 a.m. Ike Clanton was having a sandwich in a lunch house in Tombstone, when Doc Holiday came in an dared Ike to go for his gun.

Ike was un-armed. Both Doc Holliday and the Earps threatened Ike with this statement, "The next time we see you Ike, were going to kill you."

Later this same night Ike played poker with Virgil Earp.

October 26, 1881

In the morning, Ike Clanton armed himself in self defense only to be arrested by Virgil and Morgan Earp for carrying weapons in city limits.

Ike paid a fine of $27.50 and was released.

Bullets are about to fly...

2:30 p.m. October 26, 1881

The most famous gunfight of wild west history takes place on a vacant lot officially known as lot #2, block 17, in Tombstone, Arizona.

Nineteen year old Billy Clanton and Tom & Frank McLaury are murdered.

Virgil and Morgan Earp are seriously wounded. Wyatt Earp and Doc Holliday escape without injuries.

As soon as the smoke cleared, Ike Clanton wanted the Earps and Holliday arrested for murder.

Billy Clantons last words were: "Drive the crowd away."

This famous gunfight is known today as the Gunfight at the OK Corral.

The largest funeral in Tombstone history takes place.

Over 2000 people show up to show their last respects for Billy Clanton, Tom and Frank McLaury.

The three murder victims are laid to rest in Boothill Graveyard.

October 28, 1881


The burial of the Dead Cowboys- An Immence Procession, Etc.

"While it was not entirely expected, the funeral of Billy Clanton and Thomas and Frank McLowery, yesterday, was the largest ever witnessed in Tombstone. It was advertised to take place at 3 o'clock, but it was about 4 o'clock before the cortege moved, yet a large number had gathered at the undertaker's long before the first time mentioned. The bodies of the three men, neatly and tastefully dressed, were placed in handsome caskets with heavy silver trimmings. Upon each was a silver plate bearing the name, age, birthplace and date of the death of each. A short time before the funeral, photographs were taken of the dead. The procession was headed by the Tombstone brass band playing the solemn and touching march of the dead. The first wagon contained the body of Billy Clanton, followed by those of THE MCLOWRY BOYS. A few carriages came next in which were friends and relatives of the deceased, among whom were Ike and Finn Clanton. After these were about three hundred persons on foot, twenty-two carriages and buggies and one four horse stage, and the horsemen, making a line nearly two blocks in length. The two brothers were buried in one grave, and the young Clanton close by those who were his friends in life and companions in death. The inscription upon the plates of the caskets stated that Thomas McLowry was 25 years of age, Frank McLowry 29 years of age, both natives of Mississippi, and that William H. Clanton was 19 years of age and a native of Texas. "Yet a little sleep, a little slumber, a little folding of the hands to sleep."

 Wyatt and Doc arrested for murder...

October 29, 1881

Wyatt Earp and Doc Holliday were arrested for the murders of Billy Clanton and McLaury brothers.

Morgan and Virgil Earp were not arrested because they were confined to their beds with very serious gun shot wounds.

October 1881

An interesting fact:

This month Ike Clanton made $3200 in bank transactions at the Pima County County Agency bank, in Tombstone ... a heck of a lot of money in 1881!

November 9-12, 1881

Ike Clanton testifies at the murder trial of the Earps and Doc Holliday.

November 26, 1881

Exactly one month to the day after the gunfight, Ike Clanton registers to vote.

Charges are dropped...

November 29, 1881

The pre-trial was concluded and Judge Wells Spicer made his decision to not hold the Earps or Doc Holliday for a murder trial.

The following statement was the judges conclusions:

"In view of all the facts and circumstances of the case; considering the threats made the character and position of the parties, and the tragic results accomplished, in manner and form as they were, with all the surrounding influences bearing upon the result of the affair, I cannot resist the conclusion that the defendants were fully justified in committing these homicides that it was a necessary act done in the discharge of official duty."

Cowboy Revenge...

December 15, 1881

The Benson stage is attacked at Malcombís Water Station, 4 miles from Tombstone on Contention Rd.

This was an alleged attempt on the life of Earp family friend John P. Clum.

December 28, 1881

Tombstone Chief of Police Virgil Earp was ambushed while crossing Fifth Street in Tombstone.

He would survive the attack, but was crippled for life in his left arm.

Ike and Phin Clanton were arrested for the ambush, but released because witnesses confirmed they were in Charleston, when the attack occurred.

 Wyatt and doc are arrested, again...

February 9, 1882

Despite the first release of Wyatt Earp and Doc Holliday on murder charges.

Ike Clanton again filed a second murder charge against them, this time in Contention City, a few miles from Tombstone.

Wyatt and Doc were again taken into custody. Virgil and Morgan Earp were still confined to their beds due to the injuries they sustained in the gunfight.

February 11, 1882

The defendants (Earps and Holliday) filed a Writ of Habeas Corpus petition, stating that: Judge Smith in Contention City had no right to hold them after the grand jury and Judge Spicer had released the murder charges on November 29, 1881 in Tombstone.

Judge J.H. Lucas ruled that Judge Smith did have the authority to incarcerate them.

They would have to appear before Judge Smith.

Charges are dropped, again...

 February 15, 1882

Judge Smith adjourned the trial to Tombstone and a second Writ of Habeas Corpus petition was filed by the Earps and Doc Holliday.

Immediately this same day Ike Clanton filed yet a third murder charge, this time in Judge Lucasís court, but the Writ of Habeas Corpus was granted and the Earps and Doc Holliday were discharged form custody.

The following is what Judge Lucas stated:

"Unless new evidence or circumstances occur subsequent to the first examination, it would only duplicate the first hearing."

Bullets fly...

March 18, 1882

Morgan Earp is murdered while playing pool in the Campbell and Hatch Saloon in Tombstone.

Wyattís murderous rampage...

March 20, 1882

Frank Stilwell is murdered by Wyatt Earp at the Tucson train station.

Ike Clanton and Pete Spencer are said to have been with Stilwell.

March 22, 1882

Wyatt Earp murders Florentino Cruz at Pete Spencers wood camp, located at South Pass in the Dragoon mountains.

Cruz was also called Indian Charlie.

March 24, 1882

Wyatt Earp kills "Curly Bill" Brocius in Mescal Springs, in the Whetstone mountains, also known as Iron Springs, Arizona.

Johnny Barnes will also die from gunshot wounds form this gunfight.

Ringo found dead...

July 13, 1882

John Peter Ringo is found dead on Turkey Creek, Sulphur Springs Valley, Arizona of apparent suicide.

September 3, 1882

Mary Elsie marries her second husband Eben B. Stanley, in Apache County, Arizona.

November 23, 1882

Phineas Fay "Phin" Clanton registers to vote in Cochise County.

Late 1882

Ike and Phin Clanton move two hundred miles north of Tombstone to Apache County, Arizona.

Both acquired one hundred and sixty acres in an area known as Cienega Amarilla. There little sister Mary Elsie lived nearby in Springerville with her husband Ebin Stanley.

Ebin would begin working in the cattle business with Ike and Phin.

July 7, 1883

The grand jury indicted Ebin Stanley and Phin Clanton for cattle rustling.

The accuser said that the two illegally branded ONE calf with their "PU" brand.

The two were arrested, the trial took place and the two were both found NOT guilty and acquitted.

Ike Clanton works as a lawman...

April 1884

Ike Clanton was helping the Apache County Sheriff arrest a bunch of stage robbers up in the mountains, when he was shot through the shoulder inflicting a nasty flesh wound.

December 27, 1885

During the night, the entire Apache County Treasurerís safe was broken into and itís entire contents stolen.

Deputy Treasurer Francisco Baca claimed that the masked robbers came to his house, took him down to the Treasurerís office and forced him to open the safe.

He claimed he knew the robbers, they were Phin and Ike Clanton, Ebin Stanley and Lee Renfro of Springerville, and Mr. Buck Henderson of St. Johns.

The men were taken into custody, immediately placed bonds and it went quickly to trial.

The court found that Francisco Baca himself concocted this story, and he was ultimately found guilty of embezzling $11,166.54.

May 19, 1886

Rumors surfaced in Springerville that Ike Clanton was involved in a gunfight over a card game with a man named Pablo Romero.

Allegedly Romero was shot through the left hip and Ike was slightly wounded in one of his legs.

May 23, 1886

Ike Clanton and his accusers appeared before Justice Hogue.

Their was insufficient evidence to recommend a trial and the judge ordered the charges to be dropped and Ike Clanton was released.

End of a legend...

Ike Clanton is murdered by Jonas V. Brighton, near Springerville, Arizona.

He was 40 years old.

Ike Clanton is buried where he fell in an un-marked grave along Eagle Creek.

Ike was not wanted when J.V. Brighton gunned him down.

Brighton was arrested for the murder but the charges were later dropped.

Some people believe Brighton was hired by a local cattle association to rid the area of rustlers, while other believe Brighton was a hired killer for Wyatt Earp.

October 15, 1902

Phin Clanton marries Laura Jane Neal in Globe, Arizona.

November 18, 1904

Mary Elsieís husband Ebin Stanley dies in Cold Springs, Sierra County, New Mexico. He is buried in the Hillsboro City Cemetery.

Ebin B. Stanley received the Congressional medal of Honor.

January 5, 1905

Phineas Fay "Phin" Clanton dies in Webster Springs, Gila County, Arizona.

Phin is buried in the Globe Cemetery.

April 2, 1910

Phin Clantonís widow marries his best friend Peter Spencer, in Globe, Arizona.

March 29, 1916

Mary Elsie Clanton Stanley dies in Noco, Cochise County, Arizona.

She is buried in the Lowell Evergreen Cemetery in Bisbee.

April 19, 1916

John Wesley Clanton dies in Santa Rosa, California.

He is buried in the Rural Cemetery in Santa Rosa, Sonoma County, California.

February 15, 1919

Ester Ann Clanton "Hettie" dies in Los Angeles, California.

She is buried in the Sacramento City Cemetery in Sacramento, California.



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