11th Annual

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November 18-20, 2004

Friday Morning was a private tour through the awesome new
Tombstone Western Heirtage Museum on the corner of
Fremont & Sixth Street.  When you visit Tombstone, plan
to spend some time looking through this outstanding museum.

Owners Marge & Steve Elliott opened in March of 2004.
Above Steve is explaining historical museum pieces.

Steve Elliott finishes his tour with a 1880's bicycle demo
on Sixth Street.  No, he didn't crash like he did
when he rode with Ike from Tombstone to Fairbanks!

 Clanton's from PA partying with others
in Big Nose Kates Saloon!

 Shady Lady & Best Movie Cowboy Contest Winners
Carol from Illinois & Maverick (Doug from Phoenix)

Smiles were in the house! (Saloon)

Some folks from Illinois joining in on Clanton Days

Annual Saturday morning walking tour of Tombstone

(Left to right) Resident Tombstone historian / author Ben T. Traywick
& Ike Clanton during their annual historical debate in Kates Saloon.

One of the tables at the Saturday night 11th Annual
Clanton Days Dinner at the Long Horn Restaurant.
Ben T. Traywick  (Red Shirt) was guest speaker

Vicky Flanders prepares everyone for the annual
Tombstone Walking Ghost Tour

The Annual Ghost Tour begins at 11:30 pm in front
of the famous Bird Cage Threatre on Allen Street.
Look carefully in the bottom left corner and you'll see
the paranormal activity already starting! (an orb)

Vicky Flanders, a member of the parapsychology
Association of Riverside California, concentrates as
 she tells the group she smells ladies perfume in
front of C.S. Flys Photo Studio.

See Special Ghost Tour Page...click here

We hope ya'll our planning to join us for Clanton Day's in 2005
November 17-19, 2005

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