Charleston, Arizona
"The town that was tougher than Tombstone"

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The Clanton's in Charleston...

The Clantons have the honor of being the first boarding house in Charleston as Ike Clanton erected a canvas "hotel" building that was used until more substantial buildings were built.

Newman Haynes "Old Man" Clanton purchased the Clark & Griffin Liquors (saloon) on Nov. 17, 1880 including 2 extra lots (there was a saloon and house on these lots). Including all the liquor and the bar fixures for $200! The two lots purchased were on the west side of Pioneer Street. However his saloon operating days were very short as James "Jawbone" Clark sued for recovery of non-payment on December 3, 1880. Deeds I, 503, Notices of Lis Pendens I, 61, Cochise County Records, Bisbee, AZ.

On April 28 1881, Newman Haynes 'Old Man" Clanton purchased a house on Stove Street from Francisco A. Garcia for $100. Described as Lot # 6 block M (bottom right hand corner of the map) the lot was 25 feet wide, 100 feet long. This house on Stowe St. was lived in by Fin Clanton during 1880-81 when he worked part time for Jimmy Carr as a teamster. The house was probably of adobe construction as most in town were. Fin Clantons house on Stowe Street has long disappeared due to flash floods and soil erosion.

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