Actor Terry Ike Clanton has been a proud member of the Buckaroos for over 14 years...

Caravan West Productions
"Home of the Buckaroos"
"The Buckaroos were the reason the movie Tombstone looked so good"
George Cosmatos, Director.

The Buckaroos are a Western film producers dream come true!


Our Goals:Caravan West Productions was specially formed to enable film makers to accurately depict the Old West without sacrificing budgetary concerns.

Our historical knowledge of the Old West combined with film making can bring substance and dignity to the Western that audiences will sense and appreciate. 

The Buckaroos: Mounted, costumed and fully armed historians. The Buckaroos consist of an elite group of highly skilled Horsemen, Stuntmen, Gunmen, Instructors, & Wranglers, adding scope and largeness at a fraction of the cost. 
Firearms: The finest quality firearms available. Fully researched, historically accurate & apecifically designed for your production. We offer a wide range of weapons, including a full line of Pistols, Rifles and Shotguns. We have it whether it's Civilian or Military, Plain or Fancy, complete with gunbelts that are 100% accurate for the period. 
Crew: Our team of experts can provide technical advice, research and additional instruction in horsemanship and proper firearm handling to principal palyers as needed. 
Saddles & Tack: Our saddles come complete with blankets and pads, either plain (for the working drover), Navajo (very popular on the frontier) or Military. 
Livestock, Rolling Stock and Props: We supply a wide variety of historically accurate items, either for rent or sale.

Our Credits...

Twang - Two photo pages  from the set
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Desperate Trails
Motorcycling in America
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Jason & the Argonauts (plot)
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Beverly Hills 92010
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Click Clack Jack - Slide Show from the set

Commercials & Music Videos...

AT&T - Photos from the set
Eggo Waffles
360 Cellular
Honda - Photo from the set
Rold Gold
Fosters Lager
Pace Picante Sauce
Diesel Jeans - Photo from the set
Taco Bell
Metz Bread
Jack in the Box
Kraft Bullseye BBQ Sauce
Chevy Trucks
Crispix Party Mix
American Express
National Rifle Association
Pizza Hut
Purina Chuckwagon
Vivre Department Store - Japan Photo Page from the set

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Caravan West Productions
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