Tombstone Saloon Orb

Hello Ike, this is Robert of Imperial Cailfornia.  I sent you a copy of this picture that I had taken at Big Nose Kates Saloon in Tombstone on 11-20-01.   I had just recently seen an episode of Beyond Bizzare, courtesy of the Sci-Fi Channel, July 15 of this year.  On the program, I saw a picture of Big Nose Kate herself, and I was shocked that her facial features can be seen in the orb-like object that I have sent you.


The portrait I saw of big nose Kate on the television show, Beyond Bizzare, which aired on the Sci-Fi channel on 7-15-03, displayed a striking resemblance of the "spirit" orb that I have sent you.  If you divide the orb into four parts, in the upper right hand portion you can see a line that looks like an exaggerated raised eye brow and underneath, an eye , and so on and so forth.  If you have a picture of Big Nose Kate, take a look at her picture and compare it to the "spirit" orb, see if the character features are the same and let me know please.  Thank you.  Robert of Imperial.

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