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Terry Ike Clanton & Carrot Top

Hey... don't tickle my foot, just fix my spur!

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Nice smile!

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Should I shoot him?

A day on the set with Terry Ike Clanton

November 5, 2002

Left the house at 7:15 a.m. stop for gas and then jumped on the Freeway and headed towards the Disney Ranch in Santa Clarita California. I arrived about 9:15 a.m. I parked my car, threw on my chaps to complete my wardrobe, then jumped in a van that took me to the western town set.  I said good morning to quite few  friends that were also working on the commercial, then I was directed to wardrobe. Wardrobe was easy enough, they said I looked perfect and needed to head on over to makeup. Makeup only took about 5 minutes, some sunscreen and quick face makeup to make sure I wasn't shiny and I was out of there. I then started my morning search for some grub. A fried egg sandwich and some orange juice hit the spot, however I only got half the sandwich down the hatch when we were called into the saloon to start working on the AT&T commercial.

During the breaks I talked with Carrot Top outside the saloon where we were filming. His real name is Scott Thompson and I found him to be a cool dude, very personable and down to earth. He was very professional and quickly got his part knocked out. He's done about 40 AT&T commercials to date, so he probably says 1-800 CALL ATT in his sleep!

Everyone will get a kick out of this new AT&T commercial, it's pretty funny. I have no idea when its scheduled to air, but I do know that November is when most of the Super bowl commercials are filmed. If I hear through the grapevine when it's going to air, Ill certainly post it.

Everything wrapped at 5:30 p.m., then we were all treated to an outrageous New York steak dinner on the set. After a nice dinner it was time to head home on the southern California parking lots, I mean Freeways!!  I arrived back to the Clanton Ranch about 7:45 p.m. and hit the shower. I was beat, but I felt pretty good after a shower and was still unwinding from the days work, so I headed on down to the local watering hole with my buddy Rich VanderMeeden. One ice cold barley pop down the hatch and I called it a day.

Until next time, keep your cinch tight, Terry Ike Clanton

Commercial  Review:
Jan. 2, 2003

What a surprise, I saw the commercial last night (New Years Day) for the first time on MTV.  I didn't think it was going to start airing until late January 2003, however it started airing December 30th.  The producers cut a great :30 second spot from all the footage they had and then there will also be a :15 second spot from the footage which will launch later in Q1.

The producers (Young & Rubicam New York) writers, directors and editors did a fantastic job putting this spot together. It's really amazing how much action they were able to edit into this :30 second spot, selling the product (AT&T Call Collect) with such a bang! Awesome job gang!

Carrot Top did a great job and is very funny. The rest of the cast of characters look great and sold the fight scene very well.

I'm very grateful to be able to work in this industry and share my photos and thoughts with ya'll on the Internet.

Until my next acting gig, keep your cinch tight, Terry Ike Clanton

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