Tombstone Arizona   November 14-16, 2002


 They don't allow photographs inside the caverns, so this is the best we could do!  In the middle of the photo you can barely see the tram and the entrance to the carverns. Only 20 people are allowed per tour, which takes 110 minutes.  Everyone should take time to see these carverns, they are absolutely spectacular!

November 15th - Friday Night - Big Nose Kates Saloon
Spaghetti Dinner, Dance, Plus Working Cowboy and Shady Lady Contest 

Shady Lady Contestants  

Working Cowboy Contestants

Our winners showing off there plaques!
Trish Comstock & Cowboy Doug

 Our Judges from the Arizona Gunfighters Reenactment Group
MItch & Arlette Bryk

A group of folks gathered in front of the old Haffords Saloon building
during Terry Ike Clanton's Saturday morning walking tour of Tombstone.

November 16th   Saturday Morning:  10 a.m. Tombstone Q&A Session in Big Nose Kates Saloon
From left to right: Ben T. Traywick, Terry Ike Clanton, Troy Kelly, and Jack Ziegler.
Tim Fattig and Rita Ackerman were also on this historical panel.
Questions were answered from both sides of the corral, it was a great session, and nobody got hurt!

November 16th 9th Annual Clanton Rendezvous Dinner
New York Steak dinner at the Longhorn Restaurant. Keynote speaker was Tombstone resident historian / author Ben T. Traywick.
Cowboy poetry was provided by Cowboy Doug & Terry Ike Clanton, we also watched the viedo "A Wish Come True"

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