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2000 Photo Page

Terry Ike Clanton (with hand raised) conducting a walking tour of Tombstone

A good group of people gathered at Big Nose Kates Saloon for a Q&A
session between Tombstone resident historian Ben T. Traywick and Terry Ike Clanton

Terry Ike Clanton & Ben T. Traywick during a Q& A session in Big Nose Kates Saloon -

Terry Ike Clanton and Tombstone resident historian/author Ben T. Traywick DO NOT view the Clanton's or the famous OK Corral gunfight on the same note, however they respect each others historical knowledge and opinions.  This was not a one sided Q& A session,  answers were coming from both sides of the corral. One of the biggest disagreements was whether Tom McLaury was armed with a six shooter at the OK Corral gunfight, or not.  Ben believes McLaury was armed and shot Morgan Earp, Clanton says no gun was found at the scene, plus Tom's six shooter was later produced in court by a Tombstone saloon owner who testified that Tom Mclaury's gun was in left in his saloon.


Trish & Dan Comstock celebrate their honey moon at Clanton Days 2000
The Comstock's pictured here dancing at the Clanton Shin Dig at Big Nose Kates Saloon on Friday night.  Dan Comstock was winner of the Best Gent Awarded for his dandy outfit.

Marge Elliott was the winner of the "Tombstone Lady Elite Award" for the beautiful 1880's dress that she made.

"Tombstone to Fairbank"  Hi Wheel Bicycle Ride (10 miles)

(From left to right) Marge Elliott, Bob Grundstrom, Terry Ike Clanton, Tim "Whiskers" Ferrick, Stephen Elliott.  The ride went great, it was a little cool but clear as a bell. Everyone had a great time and the buckles that were presented to those who rode are awesome! For a complete story about this historical bicycle rideplease click here

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