The 6th annual Clanton Rendezvous
Tombstone Arizona

Special Photo Page

Welcoming party in the Crystal Palace Saloon...
Thursday November 11, 1999

Thursday night "Welcoming Party" in the famous Crystal Palace Saloon in Tombstone.

The Friday Field Trip was next!
Friday November 12, 1999

First we traveled about fifteen miles on a dirt road stopping in the ghost town of Gleeson at the infamous Rattlesnake Ranch.  Very unique would be an understatement, as rusty old antiques are displayed in an out door museum type atmosphere!.  Inside a trailer parked just to the right of this group photo, is a display of everything you can imagine made out of rattlesnake, most of it's for sale, but oddly enough no one is around to take your money, everyone's on the honor system, see the sign below!
Outside the trailer is a box that reads: "SELF SERVE TODAY, if you like anything that's priced, leave money or check payable to John Weber in box"  You simply write down what your purchasing, make your own change, and your on your way!  Only out in the middle of nowhere can someone still get away with doing this, sad but true. And NO none of the Clanton Gang members stole anything! <big grin>

Then it was back in the cars and trucks and off to John Ringos Grave site...

Friday November 12, 1999

John Ringo's grave site is located approx. 50 miles north east of Tombstone, along side Turkey Creek, ON PRIVATE PROPERTY owned by the Sanders family. They have big dogs, so if you want to keep your arms and legs in good working order, it's best to stay off the property unless you have made special arrangements, we did!

While some of the group enjoyed refreshments compliments of Mary Ann Clanton,  others watched Louis Pollaro, Jenny Nolan and Terry Ike Clanton film a segment for an up-coming year 2000 documentary "TOMBSTONE THE OTHER SIDE" for the History Channel.  Photos of the actual grave marker, historical placard etc., can be viewed in our John Ringo history section.

Then it was time for a "Wild" Friday night party in Big Nose Kates 1880 Saloon!

Friday November 12, 1999

If was tough for the judges to pick a winner in our Saloon Girl competition this year, the ladies all looked lovely!!
This years big winner was Haiti Forbes (center) also pictured is Amanda Forbes (far left) and Pam Potter (right)

Some pretty rough lookin' dudes entered this years Best Dressed Cowboy Contest!
(from left to right: Steve Nikkel, Dan Clanton, Dan Comstock "this years winner", Jim Clark and Jon Harting.

We had a couple Official hangings on Friday night!  (pictured)  Boothill Gunslinger and Tombstone resident "Radical Ron" stands with his gun at the ready, as Clanton Gang member Dan Comstock strings up Texas film maker Louis Pollaro!   Mr. Pollaro was Official hanged for unintentionally helping folks get lost during our afternoon field trip!

Jim Clark (pictured above in the cowboy contest) was also Officially hanged for not venturing out on the field trip with the group, that'll teach ya! <grin>

Oddly enough, both Louis & Jim both survived the hangings!!

Saturday Morning Walking Tour of Tombstone With Terry Ike Clanton

Saturday November 13, 1999

Terry Ike Clanton plays tour guide on the Saturday morning walking tour of Tombstone

A great group of smiling faces showed up at 9:00 a.m. sharp for the walking tour.

Then it was time for historical lecturers in "Legends of the West"

From a 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m., folks were treated with historical lecturers from Tombstone resident historian Ben T. Traywick (pictured above) Pam "McLaury" Potter and Terry Ike Clanton.

At 2:00 p.m. the group visited the famous OK Corral to watch the Boothill Gunslingers perform a reenactment of the famous street fight.

The Saturday night steak dinner at Six Gun City was great!
We we're all having so much fun on Saturday night, that someone forgot to snap a group photo, shucks,  they was a fine lookin' group of folks too!, please take my word for it! <grin>

Yes, some of the "Night Capper" folks were introduced to "Old Overholt" straight rye whiskey made since 1810.  Pictured here, Terry Ike Clanton and Texas Jenny "Yamboree" Nolan, provide ya'll with a toast of farewell until next years 7th annual Clanton Gang Rendezvous.  Yes, the rye was already down the hatch when this photo was snapped, so don't miss next years "Rye Toast".... you better smile when you say that!


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